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Hi, welcome to my really personal space. Here I plan to share some of my experiences/learnings as time passes.

Here are few of my posts (ordered by recency),

Title Published on Source
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Boston, Chicago, and MIT 2017-10-01 Link
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7 things I learned from coala 2016-12-27 Link

Background story

I used to be a humble-bragging jerk on social media by sharing posts of my achievements/places traveled and seeking gratification/validation in return from them. When I look back at my posts in retrospection, it feels like I was trying to create a “exciting image” of mine (like most people), but… I have given up my old habits. I decided not to share stuff that’s self-centered and un-interesting to people who are “loosely connected” to me on Facebook (after all, if it’s just about me and not helpful to you, it’s downright annoying and I’m wasting valuable time of a lot of people).

So, here’s the alternate plan…

From now onwards, this is the place where I’d try to share my updates (every sometimes). And if you’re interested in knowing what I’m up to, this might be the (only) place.



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