My technical Talks and Write-ups

Here’s an attempt to aggregate of all talks/posts/tutorials till date.


Title Event Content
Your fist Open Source contribution at coala Pycon India 2017 Link
Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Applications, and beyond! IWD-Delhi 2018 Speaker Deck
Do you really think you know strings in Python? PyDelhi Speaker Deck
Developing a self-learning snake game in Python EuroPython 2017 Link Undelivered :(
GSoC, Open Source, and Python DTU Open Source Software Development SIG Slides and Resources


Video-course: Hands-on Reinforcement Learning with Tensorflow


Title Source
Scalablity challenges to the existing blockchain
Merkle Trees: What they are and the problems they solve
Develop a blockchain application from scratch in Python
Simplifying tasks with metaprogramming in Python
Do you really think you know strings in Python?
Python practices for Efficient code: Performance, Memory and Usablity
Can Python Make you fly?
Getting started with scraping in Python
Common Python interview questions
Reinforcement Q-Learning from Scratch in Python with OpenAI Gym
Adding menu buttons to your messenger bot Link

And yes, please don’t forget the giant What the f*ck Python!.

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