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Some nice videos

Following are the videos related to some of my old projects. For tutorials, blogs and talks, checkout my archives. Mostly team projects, so the credit goes to multiple friends involved :sweat_smile:


An offline Personal Assistant and data transfer tool using Ultrasonic Waves.

Oct, 2016 | Presentation


A peer-to-peer energy distribution system to solve most of the power grid problems like theft and mointoring. Leverages Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Contracts on a blockchain.

Dec, 2017 | Presentation


An Accident Reporting system and a First-Aid query engine on Facebook messenger.

Sep, 2016 | Presentation

Anywhere door

AR Portal with live streaming. Inspired with Doraemon’s Anywhere Door gadget.

Oct, 2018 | Presentation

Come fly with Vistara

Improving the in-flight experience by means of technology, human relations and customer feedback.

Oct, 2017 | Presentation


Using Internet-of-things and blockchain in processes involved at construction sites.

Feb, 2018 | Presentation


Next generation retail management using Augmented Reality.

Feb, 2017 | Presentation


A personalized chat-based assistant for a leading insurance company

Jan, 2017 | Presentation


Combining location, AR, and social media for better customer engagement and profiling.

Mar, 2017 | Presentation


A prototype E-commerce platform that aims at simulating real-world market like experience and improving customer experience.

Nov, 2016 | Presentation


AR based search engine (just like Google lens)

Sep, 2017 | Presentation

More code and stuff?

Available on Github, and my programming archives.

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